Search for Missing People.

Machine learning for social goods.

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About us.

Lacmus Foundation - it is open-source non-profit organization engaged in the search and rescue for missing people using computer vision and neural networks.

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All our software is completely open source, free to use and always will be.

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Who we are?

We, team of Lacmus project, are developing and providing assistance in deployment of modern Deep Learning solutions intended for supporting search-and-rescue operations aimed at people lost in uninhabited terrain (fields, forests, etc.).

In collaboration with S&R groups we're developing software to help teams finding people on UAV (unmanned autonomous vehicles, or simply drones) photos. As machine learning professionals we're trying to do the search process as fast as possible.


What we are doing?

Gathering data. In coordination with S&R teams we’re gathering photos, labeling them, and collecting into datasets.

Training neural networks. We're using state-of the art deep-learning models and algorithms to achieve the best results possible.

Creating software. Solutions delivered to field operation are further optimized to achieve the best speed and user experience.

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S&R operations in 3 countries


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